Think Business, Think Gibraltar

Think Business, Think Gibraltar


In mid September, HM Government of Gibraltar launched the start of its new business development campaign in London, ThinkGibraltar


The two month campaign is the latest promotion from the government to increase more awareness and further attract new businesses to Gibraltar, by highlighting the opportunities to passport into the UK, post Brexit, and to reaffirm the close ties Gibraltar has with the United Kingdom.

The ThinkBusiness ThinkGibraltar logo is being advertised on the side of some 300 London taxis, 100 buses and 40 key commuter stations in the City and West End, including London Bridge, Liverpool Street, St Pancras and Waterloo.

The campaign was created to increase greater awareness of Gibraltar in London, and to direct businesses to the ThinkGibraltar website. The website focuses on five key sectors, Insurance, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Gaming, Funds, and Private Clients. These are the sectors where the jurisdiction excels and has created world leading business environments and frameworks.

A ThinkGibraltar digital marketing campaign on social media was launched simultaneously, on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.

As part of the campaign, HM Government of Gibraltar will be hosting in early November five financial services events in London, as part of the annual Gibraltar Day events. The events will be supported by both the private and public sector to help further drive awareness and inform the rest of the world that Gibraltar is a world class jurisdiction, with world class talent, that is open for business.

Gibraltar is a fully self-governing and fully self-financing British Overseas Territory, to which the Treaties establishing the European Union (EU) apply, with only certain exceptions. It is within the EU single market for the purposes of the free movement of persons, the freedom to provide services and the free movement of capital. It is not within the Common Customs Union and does not have to apply a VAT regime. Its status applies until the United Kingdom (UK) formally exits the EU. It will continue to have access to the UK in all financial services areas that are covered by Cross Border Directives.

EU Regulations apply directly and EU Directives are transposed by Gibraltar’s parliament. This includes all measures on financial supervision and regulation, direct taxation and anti-money laundering. The corporation tax rate is 10%, with a maximum effective rate on personal tax of 25%. The taxation regime is subject to EU scrutiny.

The Gibraltar legal system is based on the common and statute law of England. English is the official language, although Spanish is also widely spoken