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the Gibraltar and Spanish trade unions. The meeting was attended by Unite, UGT and Comisiones Obreras, with the Spanish unions represented by their top leadership in Andalucia.
Matters of current interest were discussed, although the main topicwasthelatestdevelopmenton Brexit and how it will affect the workers on both sides of the border. Particularattentionwaspaidtothe issue of the rights of new cross- frontier workers after the UK and Gibraltar have left the EU.
Mr Picardo said: “The opportunity to meet with the unions from across the frontier and fully brief them on developments is an important one. I have nurtured
strong links with those unions because there is a clear common interest for us, in staying in touch during the Brexit process”.
Promotions at PwC
The partners of PwC (Gibraltar) have announced three promotions to senior management within the firm.
Patrick Pilcher has been promoted to the board of
PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited and PwC Corporate Services (Gibraltar)Limited. Patrickisa director in the tax department and has been with the firm for over 20 years. Heisaregularcontributorto the Gibraltar tax sections of Jordan’s International Corporate Procedures Guide and is responsible for the Gibraltar content of the PwC Worldwide Tax Summaries, as well as the Gibraltar firm’s ‘Tax Facts’ and ‘Doing Business in Gibraltar’ publications.
Lalit Khatwani and Kevin Duarte have been promoted from senior managers to directors in the assurance department.
PwC (Gibraltar) senior partner, Colin Vaughan, said: “I am very pleasedforallthreeofthem,as their promotion is a recognition of the contribution they have all made tothesuccessofthis firm”.
New appointment at Calpe House Hassans’ associate, Moshe Levy, has been appointed Honorary Legal adviser to Calpe
House Trust. The trustees are undertaking
the building and furnishing of three adjoining properties to meet the ever increasing demand for accommodation for sponsored patients. When completed, these buildings will provide 38 en-suite rooms, large common rooms and kitchens. The total investment will be in the region of £16,000,000.
Albert Poggio, Vice-President, Calpe House Trust, commented: “An ambitious project such as this hasrequired,andcontinuesto require, much legal advice. For Hassans to offer Moshe Levy as our
honorarylegal advisor is a tremendous help to the trust and demonstrates clearly the dedicated support from Hassans as one of our major sponsors.”
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