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Direct assurances from the Rt Hon David Davis MP The Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, held various telephone conversations in April with David Davis, Secretary of State for exiting the European Union.
In the course of the conversations, Mr Davis confidentially briefed the Chief Minister on the content of his discussion with Spanish counterparts during the course of his visit to Madrid in April.
Mr Picardo was satisfied with the position set out by the Secretary
of State for the British Government, in the context of the Article 50 process and the draft guidelines which the European Council has published.
The telephone conversations with Mr Davis are further to those held with the Prime Minister, Rt
Hon Theresa May MP and the Foreign Secretary, Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP.
Both Mrs May and Mr Johnson were entirely supportive of Gibraltar’s position in their conversations with Mr Picardo and pledged to defend and protect not just
Gibraltar’s sovereignty, but also its economic well being.
The Chief Minister commented: “I have had very positive contacts with Secretary of State Davis. He is clearly a strong supporter of Gibraltar, having been Minister for Europe, and not a man who is going to allow himself to be
bullied into accepting inferior treatment for Gibraltar in the context of the negotiations to come”.
European Parliament determines its Brexit position The European Parliament in April voted on the negotiating parameters for the European Union, in the forthcoming process for the withdrawal of the UK from the EU.
The resolution came about following a pact between the main groups in the European Parliament that there should be no amendments to it.
The Resolution allows for bilateral arrangements which have been agreed by the EU-27.
However, a number of MEPs sought to include amendments which reflected the position of Gibraltar in the Resolution. In order to progress this further, a minimum
of 38 cross-party MEPs needed to support the amendment or it needed to be tabled by one of the main groups in the European Parliament.
There were three amendments tabled about Gibraltar, one by the ECR group (which includes the UK Conservatives), one by the EFDD group (which includes UKIP) and a third amendment which was supported by 58 MEPs from different political groups and who represent a number of different countries.
Chief Minister meets unions to discuss Brexit The Chief Minister held a meeting in early April with representatives of
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