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Trusts & Company Management
the Industry. These include working with	Put aside political correctness and	managers almost 30 years ago and it Government on any Brexit challenges. By	overly liberal rhetoric (as he sees it) and Nick	embraces the new landscape and the impor-
July Gibraltar will be introducing a register	Cruz, Barrister, Trust & Estate Practitioner, of beneficial ownership and ATCOM	Insolvency Practitioner and the longest continue to work with the Government in	serving Chairman of ATCOM will tell you it order to ensure that appropriate safe guards	is more relevant than ever. In a year where are in place to avoid abuse of data. Gibraltar	trusts are recognised by HMRC as valid tax joined MONEYVAL in 2015 which	planning vehicles for resident non domiciles will focus on the effectiveness of the
jurisdiction’s processes and systems to com- bat money laundering and terrorist financing and the Industry and regulated entities will be involved in such valuation. ATCOM will be working with the GFSC and other organisations to ensure that international in the UK, ATCOM has prided itself in standards are met and maintained in a	guiding and reinventing its industry in a manner that still allow compliant and modern	modern acceptable compliant environment business.	that accepts, that whilst exchange of
In an era that sees the implementation	information with tax and enforcement of so much legislation in the UK, EU (for	authorities is appropriate, there is always what it’s worth) and Gibraltar threatening the	room for lawful family financial planning concepts of privacy, the question that should	and competitive tax regimes for doing be asked is how relevant is private client	business internationally. work? How relevant is that crusader concept	Cruz does warn however that business of a “Trusts”. How can companies establish a	has changed and there is no room for opaque credible vehicle or structure for international	rogue like behaviour. Gibraltar led the way
tance of having a level playing field. Gibraltar is a jurisdiction that recognises common law principles and understands trusts and companies. Its practitioners and judges both understand and protect these ancient concepts and its access to British
appeal courts including the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council mean that it is a leading jurisdiction for compliant international trading and private client, family office establishment. It is against this background that the real relevance of
ATCOM can be judged.
trade at competitive tax rates?
with the licencing of trust & company
Gibraltar International	27
‘Today ATCOM represents over 90% of all licenced Company & Trust Professionals and plays an active role in representing their interests

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