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introduction and implementation of MiFID II in 2018.
The first task that the Executive Committee decided to engage with was the regime of investment funds. This is run joint- ly with the active cooperation of the GFSC and the Finance Ministry. The “Private Scheme” and the “Experienced Investment Fund” regimes went through an important reform with the aim of strengthening and enhancing GFIA’s offering in a non- European context.
Transaction Reporting
It has been followed by the organisation of training and information sessions around the MiFID II regulation in cooperation with the working group which was created by the GFSC and representatives of several industry associations. At GFIA level, Investment Managers and Broker Dealers are the ones most concerned by the introduction of MiFID II. ‘Transaction Reporting’ and ‘Knowledge and Competences’ are the two subjects that have encountered the biggest interests during seminars. The working group will continue to work on these issues.
The marketing area recently went through an important reshuffling. A ‘Brochure’ and ‘Welcome Pack’ for new members has been created. The Association organise a ‘Social Meet-Up’ on a quarterly basis and our annual members’ event will change its format from a very traditional black-tie gala dinner, to an ‘Oktoberfest’ with a charitable focus due to be held in October this year. GIFA has also released a brand-new website:
The current Executive Committee has a further year to continue to serve our
members’ interests and we are looking forward to continuing close co-operation with the GFSC, the Finance Centre and the Government of Gibraltar to promote the jurisdiction within Gibraltar as well as beyond the borders. Brexit and other political outcomes offer significant opportunity for a flexible jurisdiction, such as Gibraltar.
Adrian Hogg
Vice Chairman
James Lasry
Moe Cohen
Training Sub Committee
Johann Olivera
Marketing and Events Sub Committee
David Diez de Artazcoz
Technical Sub Committee
Joey Garcia
Investment Managers Sub Committee
Raymond Joubaud & David Diez de Artazcoz
Administrators Sub Committee
Benjy Cubby
Auditors Sub Committee
Johann Olivera
Lawyers Sub Committee
Jay Gomez
EIF's Directors Sub Committee
James Neave
Banks Sub Committee
Derek Baglietto
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