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GII annual dinner
Gibraltar students taking a Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) on-line course this year achieved a 69% pass rate compared with UK entrants’ 45%, revealed Lorraine Provedano, president of the Gibraltar Insurance Institute, at its
annual dinner attended by 212 people from 24 companies in June. The ten year old local institute, which began with 50 members and now has over 400, is developing a fast-track Diploma programme with
the CII and Gibraltar University. In the past decade there has
been over 100 technical training courses, the GII’s raison detre. Provedano’s aim, she told dinner guests at the Sunborn Hotel, is to “help build professional stability and investment in local professionalism”.
Change of trading name for NatWest Due to ring-fencing legislation in the United Kingdom, RBS International has changed its trading name from NatWest to NatWest International in Gibraltar, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man.
There is no change to its banking services or how customers
do business with the bank. Teams will continue to deliver the same level of service that customers have come to expect.
The ring-fencing legislation requires RBS International to separate essential banking services from investment banking services by 1st January 2019. It was brought in by the UK Government to strengthen the financial system following the financial crisis of 2008. It reduces the possibility that essential banking services are put at risk by a failure in another part of the business, such as investment banking.
Heidi Le Miere, Head of Brand & Marketing commented: “The introduction of ring-fencing gives us the opportunity to be
clearer with our customers about who they’re banking with. We welcome this change as it allows us to be more distinctive in the jurisdictions in which we operate.”
Freedom to roam
Gibtelecom announced in June the abolition of roaming surcharges for Gibtel customers, using their mobile phones in the UK, Spain and other European Economic Area (EEA) countries. The new ‘Roam like Home’ tariffs, will now mean that Gibtel customers will be able to use their inclusive minutes, data and SMS’s on their mobile phones, anywhere in the EEA with no additional costs.
Gibtelecom’s CEO, Tim Bristow, commented: “The implementation of ‘Roam like Home’ will provide great value to our customers, who can now benefit from up to 1000 voice minutes and 10 Gigabytes of mobile data whilst
Perspective matters
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