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date information. The GFSB’s Breakfast Club, has been a means of facilitating networking opportunities for members. Usually themed and often with speakers in attendance, Breakfast Club events are relaxed briefings, packed with information and opportunities for analysis and discussion over coffee; a combination of meeting, greeting and learning in a convivial, relaxed atmosphere. Having recently covered the thorny subject of traffic, transport and parking, with an address by the Minister responsible.
The Breakfast Club events lined up for the next few months are likely to cover issues as varied as the new on-line Customs system (ASYCUDA), eProcurement, data protection regulations and quality management among others. Always alert to the needs and interests of members, the organisation is responsive and aims to set up events that reflect the issues that most concern Gibraltar’s business community. In addition to the Breakfast Club events, the GFSB provides other networking opportunities, such as speed networking and a number of social events included in its busy schedule.
A major role for the GFSB is that of providing opportunities for training and skills development. The organisation’s annual calendar includes numerous training events which are aimed at providing small businesses with useful opportunities to enhance organisational skills. These range from First Aid at work, health and safety and basic IT courses, through to management, marketing and leadership training. Members are able to benefit from discounts for attendance on courses and find this a useful means of enhancing team skills, motivating and retaining staff. The GFSB’s role in helping small businesses assimilate the various principles of quality management through its support of the ISO certification process has enhanced performance for many businesses over the years.
There is widespread recognition of the vital role of small businesses to Gibraltar’s economy and community, in no small part due to the tireless work of the organisation over the past twenty-one years, and the GFSB continues to look ahead, anticipating challenges and helping businesses create
new opportunities. The recent Brexit Brainstorming Session, was just one way in which the organisation facilitates creative thinking, providing a forum for discussion which aims at generating innovative solutions to what is a tough, but not necessarily insurmountable, challenge. Looking to the future is something the organisation encourages at all levels, not least with its sponsorship of an annual Innovation Award. Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, these are all essential ingredients of successful business, and it is the business of the GFSB to facilitate these for small
businesses in Gibraltar.
Perspective matters
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