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Institute of Manchester (IIM) the oldest	nominated charity is ‘Clubhouse Gibraltar’ insurance institute in the UK which was	and the GII expects to fundraise at their
Who can be a member?
The Gibraltar Insurance Institute itself has over 400 members. The Institute welcomes members in any way involved with the insurance industry, this includes:
l Employees of insurance companies
l Employees of insurance intermediaries
l Employees of insurance managers l Employees of associated
companies – auditors, solicitors etc
l Individuals who want to learn more about / get training in insurance
founded in 1873. A major benefit is the support received from IIM where the two Institutes regularly share tutors and lecturers. The Institute also has a busy social calendar with five social events in 2016; the main event being the Annual Dinner in May which is always oversubscribed.
The GII’s key objectives are to:
l Co-ordinate and provide insurance training;
l Facilitate continuous professional development through technical seminars;
l Liaise with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) on behalf of local members;
l Promote discussion and exchange of information on insurance issues through various social events, including an annual dinner.
The Institute is also actively involved in raising money for charity, the 2016 nominated charity was the ‘Prostate Cancer Support Group’ for which the sum of £1,154 was raised by GII members and their employers’ contributions. The 2017
annual dinner in May and business lunch in December.
The GII is twinned with the Insurance Institute of Manchester (IIM) the oldest insurance institute in the UK which was founded in 1873
For more information on the GII, regarding Membership, Educational or Social events (past and future), please email
initial Programme. The GII plans to offer a similar Fast Track Programme for the DIP CII (Diploma level) during 2017. In addition to the CII courses we also organise a busy schedule of events, having held 17 educational seminars and courses during 2016 many which provide CPD for the qualified professionals.”
The GII is twinned with the Insurance
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