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Gibraltar Insurance Institute launches Fast Track CERT CII Programme
The Gibraltar Insurance Institute (GII) was established in 2008 to provide training and education to Gibraltar’s insurance industry and quickly achieved affiliated status of the UK Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)
Institute over the past eight years and the dedication and time that has been devoted by the GII Council to promoting insurance qualifications and professionalism in Gibraltar.
The Institute has a current membership of over 420, which is a clear indication of the breath, depth and commitment of its membership to improving professionalism within the local insurance industry. Gibraltar has a growing insurance industry and the GII plays an important role in helping to maintain it as a centre of insurance excellence for existing insurers, those considering relocation to Gibraltar and new start ups”.
Current GII President, Lorraine Moberley ACII, who has been instrumental in launching the CERT Programme stated “The CERT Programme has already proved very popular with 23 students joining the
TThe GII’s primary objective is the provision and co-ordination of insurance training to the local insurance industry to enhance the professionalism.
The Institute also facilitates continuous professional development (CPD) through technical seminars and promotes careers in insurance within local schools and the college.
A recent development has been the co-operation with the University of Gibraltar for the Fast Track CERT CII Programme (“the Programme”) that was launched on 6 October 2016. In six months students can
achieve their CII qualification through a structured programme that consists of three separate units and provides two face-to-face training days per unit with CII tutors from the UK. Students benefit from online study websites, student forums and tutor support throughout the Programme. A total of 23 students have enrolled on this Programme, which has by far exceeded expectations.
Gibraltar finance
Albert Isola MP, Minister of Commerce, HM Government of Gibraltar commented “I am enormously proud of the development of the
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