u-mee announces its ‘Clean and Green’ initiative, outlining the company’s contribution to improving the environment within Gibraltar and beyond.

The Internet service provider has updated its main vehicle fleet to electric vans installed with vehicle trackers for logging journey distances, scooters and motorcycles. The company shall henceforth aim to fulfil all u-mee customer installations, home service visits and deliveries* using emission-free vehicles. Where this is not possible, the distance travelled using any fossil-fuel vehicle will be recorded (company vehicles) or estimated (third-parties such as couriers), with u-mee subsequently offsetting its carbon footprint through a VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) supplier of carbon credits. The latest information on progress towards this 100% target, as well as carbon credits acquired to-date, can be found at u-mee.com/green
u-mee has recognised the impact of thousands of relatively short, stop-start journeys made by petrol/diesel vehicles used by installers, staff, etc. during the 5+ years since launch. Additionally, u-mee customers have become accustomed to the company’s innovation which has now focused on their shared environmental concerns. u-mee has previously made yearly contributions to offset carbon footprint, achieved through planting trees in the UK equivalent to 200 tonnes of carbon, and shall henceforth select the Amazon region for this type of mitigation.
The company has combined the uprating of its ‘green’ credentials with an additional focus on ‘clean’ installations, designed to provide confidence to customers related to Covid-safe** countermeasures, as well as established principles such as care and attention to cleanliness in the customer’s home after an onsite job. All u-mee staff attending customer premises use appropriate masks and sanitisation, strictly adhering to relevant guidelines/regulations, and customers are given the opportunity to provide confidential feedback at the end of each visit.
Furthermore, the Internet service provider closed its Eurotowers shop in March 2020 due to the pandemic, with the premises only being used since for appointments related to equipment drop-offs and collections. As all service matters and payments are now managed online and via the u-mee Control smartphone app, the company has decided not to reopen these premises to the public. This change will have a positive impact on u-mee’s client experience yet offers additional benefits by reducing the company’s overall carbon footprint, in line with its green policies being announced today.
Consequently, u-mee has also introduced online orders for items such as TV set-top-boxes, combined with in-house deliveries and increased resources for a greater level of home visits. This is a natural evolution for the company which has always been paperless, exclusively using digital invoices, with all customers paying online, avoiding unnecessary journeys to pay bills at a counter, a practice that has been mostly eradicated in modern economies.
Minister for the Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change and Education, the Hon. Dr. John Cortes MP, oversaw the official launch of u-mee’s Clean and Green vehicle fleet with its bold green and magenta branding on 24th March, having congratulated the company and given the initiative his full support. u-mee believes that if every individual and corporate citizen plays its part going forward, Gibraltar can help address the global environmental challenge that faces us all.
* Journeys related specifically to customer premises installations for u-mee services – major infrastructure works sometimes involve heavy materials and equipment that are currently not suited to electric vehicles, in which case, all fossil-fuel journeys will be reflected in u-mee’s carbon offsetting
** In accordance with official guidelines/regulations
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