Sponsorship from Bet Victor

Positive pathways receives sponsorship from BetVictor fro their transition al employment program


Positive Pathways, local charity no 279, actively employs individuals with a history of mental illness or mental health problems to give them an opportunity to enable them to return to the job market. Betvictor has recognized the importance of this initiative and is providing financial support to allow this excellent opportunity to continue to be available.

Betvictor has generously sponsored a 15 hours/week Transitional Employment Placement (TEP) at the Cafeteria at Ocean Views Mental Health Facility for 6 months (from May to October 2019). The total contribution is £3159 and includes the salary of the person, Social Insurance and Income Tax.

It is hoped that other individuals and organizations will follow this example and sponsor other placements.

It is very gratifying to hear testimonies from those who have participated and benefitted from this program which demonstrate how important these placements are for a person’s health and wellbeing.

My Name is Justin, Club House has helped me in a lot of ways. I feel safe and secure working  in Ocean views cafeteria thanks to Positive pathways, and i have got a routine in my life its a safe environment and makes me feel lot better with my mental illness .My colleague Richard has helped me in a lot of ways given me the confidence i needed thanks to him I’m in a safe place’. 



  • To provide Job opportunities and experience, as part of Clubhouse Gibraltar Transitional Employment Program (TEP), for people who are/have been affected by Mental Health problems.
  • To support people affected by Mental Health problems, with the opportunities to access education, training courses and attend conferences.
  • To support people who are dealing/ have dealt with Mental Health problems to enable them to work towards independent living.
  • To work in partnership with Clubhouse Gibraltar in delivering Mental Health First Aid courses.

Positive Pathways has been working in partnership with Clubhouse Gibraltar to create opportunities for members of our community with Mental Health difficulties, who have been long term unemployed and feel that they would like to return to work.

The charity supports Clubhouse Gibraltar’s Transitional Employment Program (TEP) in offering its members opportunities to work in different sectors of employment. At the moment we have placements within the hospitality sector and the retail sector.

The goals of TEPs are to help members gain work experience, build confidence, establish current references, and thereby to put them in a stronger position to fully re-join society through paid work.

Clubhouse Gibraltar provides personal training, guarantees absence coverage, either with the help of Clubhouse members, or when necessary, by one of the program staff.

Potential individuals will be trained beforehand at Clubhouse Gibraltar and need to prove that they can provide a reasonable standard of work and good interpersonal skills before they are recommended for a TEP.