ISOLAS launches Brexit Advisory Group 30th August 2016

ISOLAS has today announced the official external launch of its Brexit Advisory Group, a group of practitioners headed by ISOLAS CEO Marcus Killick which was initially established internally following the result of the referendum.

Mr Killick explained that “the advisory group was brought together in the wake of the decision by the UK to leave the EU, in order to add value to the work that we do for our clients. The firm considers that it is important to be able to offer specific guidance in relation to the impact the referendum decision and the consequences that follow from it will have on our clients, local and international. Originally this group was focused on guidance and information dissemination internally but is now at the point where we can open it up to advising and assisting our clients directly.”

Mr Killick continued; “the team consists of a number of our partners, our head of Business Development and others, all of whom will be available to help clients and others who may have concerns/unresolved questions in their minds about what the future holds. It is important, in a time of uncertainty, that our clients can get timely information relevant to their businesses and the decisions they have to make.”

ISOLAS Brexit Advisory Group will be publishing regular updates on relevant issues as and when developments happen in the coming months and years.