Is your website mobile friendly?

It has to be. No question about it.


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Here are nine interesting and powerful stats that will highlight how important it is to have a mobile and tablet friendly website.

    • Mobile usage has now surpassed Desktop usage
      This year more people access the web via mobile devices than desktop. 51% mobile, 42% desktop, 7% other devices.
    • 40% Of Mobile Searches are local searches
      If your business has a local presence, then it is essential that your site be mobile friendly, as almost half of all searches on mobile are looking for local services.
    • 62% of All Email Is First Opened On A Mobile Device
      We all want good email lists, and these are now on mobile. Interestingly if the email is not mobile friendly 70% delete it right away.
    • 68% of Clicked “Like” Buttons on Facebook Come From Mobile
      Social media is important for business, and the mobile users are the biggest market.
    • Mobile Offers are used 10x More Frequently Than Print Offers
      It used to be good to have coupons in magazines etc, but now having them on your mobile is ten times better.
    • 99% of Apps Only Get Used Once
      Unless your App does something special it is unlikely to be used often. It is generally better to have a great mobile friendly website than an App.
    • 74% of mobile users will only wait 5 seconds before leaving a site
      Web users are impatient, they won’t wait for your slow site, they will find someone else.
    • 46% of consumers won’t return to a website that isn’t mobile friendly
      You better make sure your website looks good on mobile or nearly half of your visitors will be visiting someone else.
    • Google loves mobile friendly sites and punishes those that aren’t
      From April this year Google changed their algorithms so mobile friendly sites are prioritised. They have also threatened to completely remove sites from mobile searches if they aren’t mobile friendly.


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Do you need more proof?

You are losing business and clients if your website is not optimised for mobile. Get in touch and we can make sure you are getting the most out of your website.

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