Gibraltar Regulatory Authority hosts European Data Protection Case Handling Workshop 2021

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (“GRA”), as the Information Commissioner, is this  week hosting the European Case Handling Workshop 2021 (“ECHW 2021”). The ECHW is an annual feature in the calendar of European Data Protection Authorities. The  ECHW is a sub-group of the European Conference of Data Protection Authorities,  commonly known as the ‘Spring Conference’, which is a platform for international  cooperation that the GRA also attends on an annual basis.

The Information Commissioner’s office regularly participates in international  workshops and conferences to collaborate on issues of common interest and develop  best practice in the field of data protection. Whilst the Spring Conference typically  focuses on issues at a policy level, as a subgroup of the Spring Conference, the ECHW  focuses on the practical implementation of data protection on a day-to-day basis. It 

provides authorities from across Europe the opportunity to share their case-handling  experiences and good practice on pre-determined topics, in an open, inclusive, and  pragmatic forum.  

Due to the continuing pandemic, this year’s event, which will take place on 16th and  17th November 2021, will be held virtually. Over 120 participants from over 30 data  protection authorities have registered for the two-day event during which they will  discuss matters relating to data breach notifications, internal handling of complaints,  enforcement action, and the implications of the European Court of Justice judgment  commonly referred to as ‘Schrems II’. 

In relation to the event, the GRA’s Director of Information Rights and Operations, Mr  Bradley Tosso, said that “collaboration amongst data protection authorities improves  regulatory practices, in turn allowing for the privacy rights of individuals to be more  efficiently upheld. The case handling workshop is invaluable, especially to smaller  regulators like the GRA. It provides a platform through which authorities share their  experiences and expertise, which participants leverage on to improve data protection  practices. It is a unique and invaluable capacity building forum”. 

Further information on the Information Commissioner’s international work can be  found at Alternatively, should  you require any further information, please contact the GRA by telephone on +350  200 74636 or by email on