Gibraltar-Israel Chamber of Commerce Quarterly News Q2 2020


Gibraltar-Israel Chamber of Commerce Quarterly News Q2 2020

With the Corona pandemic affecting every corner of the world in the last few months, we would first like to wish our readers and members much health and hope you and your loved ones are all safe. Gibraltar has actually managed to withstand the Corona pandemic very well and at the height of the contagion there were 68 active Corona cases in Gibraltar, of which 3 were in hospital. Thank god no-body in Gibraltar has died so far from the Corona and at the time of writing these lines there are only 12 active cases here, none of which are in hospital. Big credit is due to the Government of Gibraltar which has handled the pandemic with swift action, much common-sense, and great leadership, as well as to the people of Gibraltar who remained obedient and responsible throughout the lockdown.

We are currently at the “Unlock the Rock” stage, where most businesses are back to work, public transport, restaurants and cafes are operating again albeit with restrictions, and the border with Spain is expected to open up on 1st July at the latest.

At Gibrael Chamber we didn’t stop working throughout this period and believe the Corona has created a multitude of new opportunities as many business people have taken a pause to recalculate their future directions and are now thinking of new ways of doing things, and doing business with Israel can be one of those “outside the box” ideas, particularly for Gibraltar companies looking to embrace innovation. Just to point out a number of ideas:

– As Gibraltar businesses are looking to transform digitally and increase their online presence, there are leading-edge Israeli technologies available to support working online- from CyberSec solutions to cloud based billing, customer support, Big Data tools and much more…Contact Gibrael if you want us to help you identifying the right solution providers for you.
– Israel is a global leader in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, telemedicine solutions and biotechnology. Many COVID19-related innovations are currently being developed there, which can be test-trailed and implemented in Gibraltar.
– Like Gibraltar, Israel too has been withstanding the Corona pandemic pretty successfully, with less than 300 deaths to date in Israel, in a country of nearly 9 million (for comparison, Belgium, with a similar population size, has had nearly 10,000 Corona related deaths so far). This means Israel will feature highly on the global list of Corona-safe destinations and Gibraltar tourism companies should focus on attracting tourists from Israel; Contact Gibrael if you want us to help you get in touch with Israeli tour operators.

During the last couple of months, our Chamber’s events have also moved online which is great news for many of our members in Israel and other countries who can now participate from the comfort of their homes. If you wish to join our mailing list for online events, just type “I’d like to join Gibrael online events” in the Subject field and email it to

Below are highlights of some of the events we did over the last quarter. Keep safe and healthy!


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Gibrael Chamber hosts webinar with Israeli Ambassador in London- Mark Regev


Exactly two years ago, we hosted the Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Mr. Mark Regev, here in Gibraltar, as part of celebration of 70 years of Israel’s Independence. Two years have passed and now the COVID19 pandemic has stopped everyone from travelling these days….So to mark 70 years for the commencement of Diplomatic Relations between the UK and Israel we decided to host the Ambassador in a special Zoom video-conference for all members of Gibrael Chamber and the Gibraltar business community.

Hosted by Ayelet Mamo Shay, Ambassador Regev patiently answered all the fascinating questions asked by the audience and definitely enjoyed reminiscing on his previous visit to Gibraltar and even promised to return as soon as the Corona nightmare is over!

The event was featured in Gibraltar’s main newspaper- the Chronicle. Full article in the link below:
Gibrael Chamber hosts Ambassador Regev- Gibraltar Chronicle

Gibrael Chamber hosts webinar with Israeli Economic Attach’e in London – Yariv Becher and “Dr Persuasion”
Yaniv Zaid


Another successful business webinar by the Gibraltar Israel Chamber of Commerce. And this time our guests of honor were the Economic Attach’e at the Israeli Embassy in London- Mr. Yariv Becher, and Dr. Yaniv Zaid, AKA “Dr. Persuasion”. Mr Becher answered questions from the audience about business and trade opportunities on the UK-Gibraltar-Israel triangle and Dr Zaid gave 5 winning tips on how to do business with Israelis.
It was definitely a fascinating, informative and enjoyable session!

Gibrael Chamber Chairwoman interviewed by Israeli press on life in Gibraltar during COVID19


The empty shopping streets of Gibraltar during the peak of the Corona pandemic

In the run-up to Passover, Ayelet Mamo Shay spoke to Israel’s leading newspaper Ynet about life in Gibraltar amidst COVID19.
Full article in Hebrew in the following link:,7340,L-5710886,00.html

Gibrael Chamber’s Chairwoman hosts a series of webinars with Jewish and Israeli communities around the world


As the world comes to grips with the Corona pandemic, Gibrael Chamber Chairwoman- Ayelet Mamo Shay- reached out to various Jewish communities and Israeli expats around the world through a series of Zoom video conferences. Ayelet spoke to Jewish communities in places as far as New Zealand, talked about her PhD research on small Jewish communities and provided tips and advice on Relocation to Israeli expats living in USA, Russia, Europe and Israel (with some specific questions on Gibraltar).

Global 2:22 Network Challenge for leading business women


Ayelet Mamo Shay, participated in the global networking challenge 2:22 which saw leading business women from around the world tell their remarkable journey in exactly 2 minutes 22 seconds!
Not easy at all…

Gibrael Chairwoman speaker at International Women’s Day 2020 Conference

Our Chairwoman- Ayelet Mamo Shay- had the pleasure to be a speaker on “The Life Journey” panel at International Women’s Day conference and network with over 100 ladies across our diverse community. Many thanks to Minister for Equality- Samantha Sacramento, and the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses for putting together this inspiring conference.



Gibrael President leads another delegation to Israel


Just before the Corona pandemic reached Israel, Gibrael President, Eran Shay, has led a business delegation from Gibraltar to Israel. Amongst the numerous meetings held over the 4 days visit, the delegation attended the Tel Aviv Fintech Week at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the OurCrowd Global Investors Summit 2020. Travelling between Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, the delegation focused on professional intermediaries and has met with leading law firms, accountancy firms, top investment houses and off-course the Israeli Parliament- Knesset.



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