EY calls on Gibraltar firms to support local business

EY & Monkey Talks

EY is calling on Gibraltar’s firms to help support local businesses as we emerge from the economic restrictions of Covid 19. 

Dale Cruz, Partner at EY, said: ‘Our team has been putting every effort over the past four months to adapt to new ways of working whilst maintaining a high level of client service. We were looking for a way to show our appreciation for that effort and knew that at the same time we needed to support Gibraltar’s many businesses that have been either closed during lock down or significantly restricted. We believe that firms like ours can make a real contribution to supporting our re-emerging economy.

We started by offering our people an evening with Brian Gomila of Monkey Talks. We organized small groups to attend his sessions up the Rock where our people were able to interact and better understand Gibraltar’s unique apes. Commenting on this, Dale said: ‘Since the lockdown we have been encouraging our people to walk up the rock and we knew that some of them felt apprehensive due to the apes. This was a great way help them overcome their fears whilst enjoying one of our greatest assets.’

The initiative has now been extended to include giving every member of staff three vouchers of £50 to spend in Gibraltar. Detailing the offering Dale said: ‘We have teamed up with five businesses in Gibraltar: The Cellar, Tapas By Gauchos , Marks & Spencer, Nunos at the Express and The Waterfront. Our intention is that this noonly injects money directly into our economy but also helps encourage people to re-discover the shops and restaurants we can boast here. Buying locally is a habit that we want to see reignited, to give our economy the boost it so clearly needs, and firms like ours have an important role in this. The Business owners are really excited about this initiative and are looking forward to receiving our staff at their premises. 

Tony Welsh, Managing Director York Limited, that runs Marks & Spencer in Gibraltar said: ‘This is a great initiative by EY and a good example of local businesses helping each other. Spending local has never been more important than now for businesses in Gibraltar. If every business or service provider did something similar with their clients, the effect of the “KEEP IT LOCAL” campaign could make a big difference to all Gibraltar businesses. In the words of the Marks & Spencer Covid campaign: “We’re All In This Together.”’

‘We want to continue these initiatives going forward; we are now exploring the idea of future tours: Lower St Michaels and the Northern Defenses. Gibraltar has a lot to offer and so we want to make the best of it, said Dale.’

EY partners receiving the vouchers from the five local businesses and some pictures of EY staff at the Monkey Talks.