Extremely Unusual Jobs, That Pay Very Well

The job market is an ever-changing and developing sector. New jobs and new roles are always being added to the sector. However, there are some legitimate jobs out there that are extremely unusual, yet are highly paid. Europa Trust Company Ltd. takes a light-hearted look at some very unusual, yet very well-paying jobs that you may wish consider for yourself.

Job markets are constantly changing and developing both on a local and international level. There is a large variety of different jobs and roles to suit any number of talents, skills and education a person may have. However, there are some extremely unusual jobs that do not necessarily require skill, or education that pay surprisingly well. We have collected a few humorous examples below for your consideration.

Horse Walker
We are all aware of dog walkers but there is a legitimate career in being a horse walker. Owning an expensive horse or horses require them to be ridden or exercised every day. A horse walker’s role is to keep the animals fit and race-ready. This line of work pays extremely well in countries where horses and horse racing are a passion.

Ice-Cream Taster
This role requires more than simply eating tubs of ice-cream all day. A taster, also known as a sensory analyst or flavourlogist, is expected to assess the quality of each flavour on the basis of texture, colour, smell, appearance, and other factors in addition to taste. The ice cream taster will also help the companies create new flavours and update older ones. A 2015 research into the field found that the average salary was £81,000 ($100,000). If you have good taste buds and a serious love for ice cream this could be the job of your dreams.

Psychics do not require specific certification or training. If you believe you have a “sixth sense”, are good at reading people or get psychic premonitions then this could be the next job for you. A standard psychic can earn up to £80 ($100) per hour. However, one can earn much more in Russia whereby this medium has become a multi-million dollar industry. One could earn even more if you are able develop a celebrity status with this trade.

Circus Clown
For decades the need for circus clowns may have declined. However, there are still many circuses that operate and tour countries around the world with a need for a clown.  If you feel you are a funny person and can entertain a crowd, you may consider being the next circus clown with the average salary starting at £52,000 ($64,500).

Job markets are constantly changing and developing, as are jobs and roles in businesses. A beneficial owner of a company sometimes is not able to manage all the responsibilities of a company, which is why Europa Trust Company Ltd. offers a variety of services and roles such as Director or Company Secretary to help business owners of all size companies.