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The Sapphire advantage is now also available for hosting services
•	Space immediately available in Gibraltar's latest co-location data centre
•	Designed and built specifically for the e-gaming industry, with unmatched standards of resilience to deliver your global services without compromise
•	Ideal location in the heart of the business district, with access to Gibraltar's leading telecommunications infrastructure
•	Located in a modern building with 24x7 onsite support
+350 200 47 200 - Suite 3.0.3 Eurotowers, PO Box 797, Gibraltar
Premier co-location facility brought to you by Gibraltar’s specialists in enterprise Internet solutions
Modern, redundant power generation plant
Gibraltar’s only resilient, chilled water-cooled hosting facility, with additional DX system providing full N+N redundancy
Ideal environment - clean with stable temperature and humidity throughout weather extremes, delivering Gibraltar's optimal mitigation for summer heat/humidity and winter storms

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