Lloyds Banking Group Support Clubhouse Gibraltar Charity Shop

Clubhouse Gibraltar has  been extremely busy the last few months with a number of businesses helping out in their  Charity Shop.  Both PwC Gibraltar and Lloyds Banking Group provided teams of people to come in and help run the shop on different days, as well as update and refresh the Clubhouse Gibraltar Selling Page on Facebook to show some of the items for sale.

The Clubhouse charity shop was in the process of re-organization and this additional help was a welcome boost!  They have helped with the organization of the store and the sorting out of donations and  this input helped to raise £380 from the sale of clothes in the charity shop and items posted on the selling page!

Kevin Fowler, from Clubhouse Gibraltar, gave a short talk to the staff at Lloyds Bank about the developments and current services that Clubhouse Gibraltar is providing as a restorative community for those who have been affected by Mental Health issues.

Kevin was presented with a £55 donation from Jo Bentley which was raised from a buffet lunch in October along with a selection of ladies’ clothing to sell at their charity shop.

PwC has a dedicated Diversity & Inclusion group, and as part of their awareness for World Mental Health Day, they approached Clubhouse Gibraltar  and offered their help. Shop takings increased tremendously and their input helped raise £280.  As part of their ongoing support to Clubhouse Gibraltar, PwC have also offered to donate a desktop computer.  This is a welcome donation as it helps to bring the members and goods online and widen the skills, training and experience that Clubhouse Gibraltar can offer their members.

Clubhouse Gibraltar would like to thank both companies for their on- going support and enthusiasm in helping us in our charity shop.

Clubhouse Gibraltar’s Charity shop is located at 20 Wellington Front, open Monday to Friday 10am to 1.30pm.