Kusuma Trust donate Coding and Robotic Equipment to schools in Gibraltar


The Kusuma Trust and Fire Tech Camp partnered up for a second time to bring tech and maker workshops to young people in Gibraltar.

Last year Fire Tech Camp brought a team to Gibraltar to deliver robotics workshops to about 200 young people. Following on the success of that course, the programme was expanded to 12 schools. During the week 15th -19th May 2017 Fire Tech Camp delivered after school workshops for Years 8 and 9, and in school workshops for Year 3. 600 children participated in workshops this year. 

The workshops developed the students’ interest in creative tech, through workshops that saw kids building, inventing, and developing their computational thinking. Year 3 students were shown how to use Ozobots, the all-singing and all-dancing programmable robot that responds to colour-coded commands. Year 8 and 9 students got to choose from two workshops – one using BinaryBot kits, powered by the BBC’s popular micro:bit, to get UFOs flying and sensing temperature, light and motion. The other workshop used the kits littleBits’ Gizmo & Gadgets kit to invent, remix and share their gadgets, built using snappable electronics. The Year 8 and 9 participants got to keep their kits – retailed at £200, Kusuma Trust donated a kit to each student who took part in the workshop to inspire them to keep coding after the session was done. The Kusuma Trust and Fire Tech Camp will be launching a competition for students to see who can be the most inventive with their kits in the coming weeks.

Fire Tech Camp also held an in-service tech training day for Gibraltar teachers hosted at the Gibraltar University– providing them with training, ideas and confidence to use some of the hottest tech kits and platforms to motivate their own students around tech and computing. One teacher said that the course was “inspiring” and squealed in delight when she heard that she and the other first schools were allowed to keep an Ozobot. The secondary schools were also given the microbit kits and Little bit Gizmo and gadget kits to the delight of the teachers. All kit given to schools was donated by Kusuma Trust Gibraltar as a way to encourage ICT within schools and to inspire young rising Techies 

The Kusuma Trust Gibraltar would like to thank Fire Tech Camp for all their help organising and delivering the sessions to students in Gibraltar, The Department of Education, Schools and Teachers for all their help with coordinating the event, and Customs, UPS and DHL who all helped to make sure the kits got here in time.