Gibraltar Funds & Investments Association


The Gibraltar Funds & Investments Association (GFIA) is proud to announce the election of its new executive for 2018/2019. In an era of Brexit uncertainty, GFIA will venture to establish Gibraltar as the pre-eminent jurisdiction for funds and management of crypto assets. James Lasry was elected once more as Chairman with Jay Gomez, Deputy Chairman, Moe Cohen, Treasurer, Heather Adamson as Secretary, Yan Delgado as Head of Marketing, and Benjy Cuby as Head of Training.

Among other plans are the creation of a “Funds Think Tank” which will be led by James Lasry and Jay Gomez. The Think Tank will serve as a form to analyse the development of Gibraltar as a funds and investment management jurisdiction and to share practical knowhow amongst fund and investment practitioners.

GFIA Chairman James Lasry said “I am delighted to return to the helm of GFIA after working with Joey Garcia and Adrian Hogg for four years as deputy. I would like to strengthen our ties with government and the GFSC and to consolidate our position as the worlds pre-eminent crypto-funds funds jurisdiction.”

For more information, please contact or +350 200 64740 / +350 579 94000

Name Role
Chairman James Lasry
Deputy Chairman Jay Gomez
Treasurer Moe Cohen
Secretary Heather Adamson
Marketing Yan Delgado
Training Benjy Cuby
Technical Committee Jay Gomez / James Lasry
Investment Managers Committee David Diez de Artazcoz
Administrators Committee Benjy Cuby + Heather Adamson
Auditors Committee Moe Cohen + Faith Howe
Lawyers Committee Jonathan Garcia + Jay Gomez
EIF Directors Committee Aaron Payas
Banks Committee Derek Baglietto