GDPR, a possible laughing matter?

As almost everyone now knows, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws came into effect over a month ago. As serious as the implications of these regulations may be, there is always a funny side that should not be overlooked. Europa Trust Company Ltd lists some hilarious examples.
  • A butcher in Italy concerned about GDPR, confessed to his customers that he remembers their names and their meat orders when they enter his shop.
  • Cher apparently emailed her fans to let them know she is “committed to the GDPR”.
  • A man declined GDPR consent from a swimming pool company who for the past five years had been trying to sell him a swimming pool when they knew he live in a second floor apartment.
  • Data experts believe that the GDPR emails resulted in one of the largest spams in the history of the internet, flooding ordinary people’s inboxes.
  • A man accidentally replied to all to The New York Times’s mass GDPR email accusing the email and GDPR of being an “elaborate scam”.
  • Spotify developed a GDPR playlist with real songs, including titles such as “Email my Heart” by Britney Spears and “What’s Your Name, What’s Your Number” by Andrea True Connection.
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