Melo Triay, Robert Vasquez, Jay J. Gomez and Javier E. Triay have written the Gibraltar chapter in the third edition of Investment Funds published in 2016 by Sweet & Maxwell.

This third edition of Investment Funds edited by Sam Kay of Travers Smith LLP provides a global comparison of the laws and regulations that govern investment funds in over 30 key jurisdictions, of which Gibraltar is an important one. Written by the leading practitioners within the field, this title is intended to assist lawyers, advisers and fund managers who are seeking to structure and offer their funds.

It is a testament to the expertise of the team at Triay & Triay that they have been invited yet again to contribute to this highly regarded legal tome that explains the reforms and changes in investment fund legislation around the globe. It is a vital tool for legal and financial professionals and investors who need to stay updated about the rules and regulations of this financial sector.

Triay & Triay are well placed to provide advice to the international community on the Rock’s investment fund regulations and combined have a wealth of experience.

Melo Triay is the firm’s senior partner and a leading figure in the banking and finance sector. He has considerable expertise in advising on the establishment of collective investment schemes and funds incorporated in Gibraltar. Melo is currently a member of the Financial Services Commission.

Partner, Robert Vasquez heads up the firms banking and finance team alongside Melo Triay. He is a former member of the Financial Services Commission and has an excellent reputation in this field. He became Queen’s Counsel in 2012.

Jay J. Gomez is an Associate with a strong reputation for his expertise in funds. He regularly advises prospective funds, investment managers and banks on licensing requirements and regulatory, operational, passporting and distribution matters. Jay forms part of the executive committee of the Gibraltar Funds and Investment Association. He played an integral role in drafting the National Private Placement Rules and Small AIFM Rules in Gibraltar following the implementation of the AIFM Directive.

Associate, Javi Triay has advised banks and investment managers on licensing requirements and other regulatory matters and has been an integral member of the team in the launch of numerous experienced investor funds and private funds. Javi formed part of a team assisting the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission with the redrafting of Gibraltar’s financial services legislation.