Europa Trust Company Ltd Adopt a Penguin.

Europa Trust Company Ltd chose an unusual, yet meaningful subject for their social responsibility for 2017 and 2018. They adopted an Africa Penguin and the team named him “Douglas”.

Europa Trust Company Ltd adopted and named the new-born, endangered African Penguin, in 2017 as part of the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) “Adopt a Penguin” programme. With the sponsorship from companies like, Europa Trust Company Ltd, the foundation is able to provide food, medicine and care to rehabilitate penguins back to the wild. SANCCOB has also been able to provide Douglas with food and care. Because of SANCCOB’s important conservation work with seabirds, and Douglas’s healthy growth, the company decided to continue supporting the foundation and Douglas as part of the their social responsibility for 2018.

SANCCOB rescue tired, dehydrated and injured seabirds that have become stranded on South African beaches. The centre focuses its work on the African Penguin. The African Penguin lives only in Southern African waters and is currently endangered. The major reasons for their decline is pollution, over fishing and climate change. The foundation works with volunteers and relies on donations from the public and sponsorships from businesses.. The centre refers to the penguins they work with as “patients”.


The centre now reports that Douglas is fully fledged, and is the process of developing his final black and white feathers (described as a “tuxedo”). He enjoys swimming in the centre’s swimming pool and is described as happy. His best friend is another penguin named Moya.

The foundation’s team of volunteers (and penguins) have enjoyed receiving and reading the Gibraltar International Magazine.

Douglas swimming

Various members of the Europa Trust Company Ltd staff have visited the centre in South Africa and seen for themselves the incredible hard work the volunteers do to save, rehabilitate and rescue seabirds. “Europa Trust Company Ltd has always supported local and international charities that make a meaningful contribution to the positive development of society and share our values.” said Brett Dale Bridge, the Business Development Manager for Europa Trust Company Ltd.

Europa Trust Company Ltd contributes to various local and international charitable organisations that share their values and goals as part of their social responsibility. These have included the Gibraltar Heritage Trust, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, and Baby STEPPs.

For more information on SANCCOB and to be able to adopt your own penguin visit the foundation at