Doing business in Gibraltar – The EY 2015-16 handbook

EY reaches out globally with comprehensive guide to doing business in Gibraltar

EY has published a handbook focused on the significant attractions of doing business in Gibraltar. The handbook is a comprehensive guide to all facets of working in, and with businesses connected to, Gibraltar. With such a wide remit the pages are packed with information that will not only guide business professionals to the specifics of working here but also detail the wider experience of living in the region.

Gibraltar is an attractive destination for a wide variety of companies and this handbook has been structured to layout the benefits of doing business here and for companies already established. There are sections targeted at High Net Worth Individuals and executives with specialist skills and others covering the detail of personal taxation. In addition the handbook highlights the advantages offered by the special relationship that Gibraltar enjoys with the European Union. Sections on the robust regulatory structure dig deep into the specifics of Gibraltar compliance and explain the positive reputation enjoyed here.

Although the majority of the handbook contains information critical to any business professional new to Gibraltar there are also sections on aspects of life here that will be of interest to those looking to relocate their family. From information on tax to our medical and educational provision, climate, housing, history and legal system, it takes an all-inclusive approach.

JJ Pisharello, Managing Partner at EY, said: ‘Our objective is that the handbook will support individuals and companies already located here. However, we also want to reach out beyond our shores to promote the benefits of living in Gibraltar. With a relaxed atmosphere and a warm climate that leads easily from the office to the many recreational options available, we have something unique to offer. Having successfully re-positioned ourselves as an International Finance Centre it is critical that we communicate this clearly to current businesses and prospective investors. We have a great deal of expertise in Financial Services that has a global reach but combined with the special benefits of doing business here.’