CISI Investment Advice Diploma confirmed for GFSC list

CISI Investment Advice Diploma confirmed by GFSC

The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) is delighted to announce that the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) has recently confirmed the CISI Level 4 Investment Advice Diploma as a compliant qualification for advisors to meet the EMSA knowledge & competence guidelines in Gibraltar.

These ESMA guidelines aim to help ensure consumer protection by setting minimum competency requirements for staff in finance firms.   The guidelines cover qualifications, continuing professional development (CPD) and business ethics standards.

The CISI, a not-for-profit, global professional body has a network of 45,000 members in 104 countries and links with regulatory authorities in 47 countries. Helping finance firms ensure their people are qualified above and beyond the standard competence requirements is critical to ensure consumer confidence in the financial services market.

For the last eight years CISI has been working with the Gibraltarian financial services community and has a growing membership in Gibraltar.  For practitioners to embark on their career, the CISI has a local computer-based test centre located at Bleak House Training Institute, Europa Point.

On gaining initial competence, the CISI offers practitioners tools to allow them to increase their personal development and meet and exceed the ESMA CPD and business ethics competency requirements.  GFSC have set a minimum number of 15 hours for advisers in their jurisdiction.

The CISI’s CPD programme is part of its annual membership, with no extra charges for CPD activities.

CISI aims to make practitioners’ personal CPD journey easy and effective so that skills can be kept up to date in whichever way suits the practitioner best: online 24/7 via e-learning professional refresher modules, CISI CPD events, or The Review member magazine, available digitally and in print.  The online platform CISI TV offers CPD qualifying programmes such as Trends in the European Fund Market,Investment Horizons and Balancing Income and Risk.

Member CPD is automatically recorded on the CISI online platform and the e-learning professional refresher modules, accessible online, contain topics of relevance for practitioners working in the Gibraltarian local and global financial services market.  Titles include Regulation & EthicsCryptocurrencies and Suitability of Client Investments.

Clark Elder, Chartered MCSI said: “Financial education for practitioners is crucial to maintain and enhance Gibraltar’s competitive edge in global financial services.”

CISI is ready to support Gibraltarian firms to help them accomplish their Qualification and CPD goals to deadline, at no extra charge and as part of CISI annual membership. The CISI helps keep finance professionals head and shoulders above the rest and maintain their competitive edge locally and globally.

For further information please contact Hayley Brown, Senior International Manager: